Our Services

GRK Flood  provide a complete package of flood protection services, including surveying,  supply, installation and training through to aftercare and maintenance. These services are available UK-wide and suit any size job, from private properties through to large contracts.


Independent Surveying Services

GRK Flood can carry out an independent survey for you  with independent information required for you to obtain quotes for grants etc. GRK Flood have carried out a large number of independent surveys for councils across the UK.

A Survey for quoting purposes

GRK Flood will not undertake work without a survey to assess your needs and ensure that the right products are recommended – ones that you feel comfortable operating and are right for your environment.  We would never make a recommendation for something unsuitable, ineffective or that is not needed.


We can supply you with the products needed to protect your property. Whilst we would not recommend this approach, as many of the products need to be installed by specialist fitters, like ourselves, so that they do the job they are designed for. For us to be able to supply you with a product we would need a full site survey which would include sizes, product types and building works required to fit them properly. Please note that GRK Flood cannot be held responsible for an incorrectly installed product not installed by ourselves.

Installation & Training

GRK Flood has a team of engineers who have been trained in how to install the various flood defence products we supply. If we have carried out the survey, we will have all the correct information to allow us to carry out the works efficiently and making sure you are able to deploy the product in the correct manner.


Aftercare and Maintenance

We provide an excellent aftercare service and maintenance programme dependent upon your requirements.

Although we install nationwide aftercare and maintenance can be limited in certain areas please ask for details.